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For more information about the school, please contact us via email at or at 909-888-4041. Below you will find more information about our school. or at 909-888-4041. Below you will find more information about our school.

Middle College High School | Fact Sheet

Middle College High School is a partnership between the San Bernardino City Unified School District and San Bernardino Valley College

MCHS Learning Model: Middle College High School offers scholars who are academically of High Potential (80% of newly enrolled students) or High Achievement (20% of newly enrolled students) an opportunity for an early college experience and college credits by providing HIGH SCHOOL HONORS LEVEL COURSEWORK WITH SBVC COLLEGE CLASSES in a challenging, supportive and motivating environment. All MCHS scholars who complete the program will have earned significant college and IGETC credits and some MCHS scholars will earn their AA Degree upon high school graduation.

SBVC/SBCUSD Requirements:

Students attending SBVC and MCHS must maintain good academic standing in both systems to remain at MCHS. Either the college or high school may exit a student for not meeting academic, attendance, or behavior requirements at any time. Any student exited from SBVC is exited from MCHS and vice versa. Both high school and college require students on probation to attend tutoring. Both the college and high school support a counselor(s) dedicated to helping MCHS students. Tutoring is available daily at MCHS. College tutoring is available through the SBVC Student Success Center in most content areas.

10th-12th MCHS Dual Enrollment:

Scholars are dually enrolled in high school and college coursework. The high school part of the MCHS day is from morning through noon at our MCHS site. College courses are scheduled before or after the regular high school day and are taken at San Bernardino Valley College. MCHS scholars take some of their A-G required classes through SBVC (i.e., LOTE: 2-year Language Other Than English requirement). Each semester, MCHS scholars have a requirement to take no less than 2 college classes, 4 units minimum, in addition to their full academic high school course load.

9th Grade Program:

Scholars enter MCHS in the 9th grade following a successful application and acceptance process. Once students have been accepted to MCHS for 9th grade, they remain MCHS students through 12th grade provided they meet all high school and college MCHS Program Contract requirements. The goals for our freshman year are:

1. Successful transition to high school honors level coursework (demands and rigor)
2. Preparation for success in college classes at SBVC.

Boundaries: Students must live within the San Bernardino City Unified School District boundaries to attend MCHS.
Beginning the Application Process: Current 8th and 9th-grade students within the boundaries of the SBCUSD must submit an application to be considered for MCHS enrollment.
We target High Potential (80%) scholars currently in 8th grade, based on their fall semester grades and previous state test scores. This target population is the focus of Middle College programs nationally.

Application screening:

  • Test Scores: Minimun score of 2 in ELA and recommended 3 in Math on the most current CAASPP test or equivalent assessment
  • GPA: Minimum of 1.89 GPA Non-Weighted (High Potential) / Minimum of 3.5 GPA Non-Weighted (High Achievement)
  • Attendance: Minimum of 92% for the current and previous year; days enrolled considered
  • Discipline: No more than one suspension and history of referrals other than “Defiance and Disruption”.

High Potential/High Achieving Student Ratio:

  • To meet the MCHS national standards and program goals
    • 80% of students accepted meet all screening criteria listed with a GPA from 1.89 to 3.49 (High Academic Potential)
    •  20% of students accepted meet all screening criteria listed with a GPA of 3.50 and above (Advanced Achievement)

Application process overview:

  • Completed applications are due to MCHS using by 4:00 PM on or before March 16, 2023.
  • Applications are screened for qualification criteria in March
  • We will accept 60 new 9th-grade students (48 High Potential students and 12 High Achieving students)
  • We will accept 15 new 10th-grade students (12 High Potential students and 3 High Achieving students)
  • The selective lottery is the final stage of the process to determine invites to MCHS for 9th and 10th grade students
  • Accepted students are required to attend a New Student Orientation (MCHS & SBVC) in early June, and a late July Summer Bridge (the week before the 23-24 school year)
  • Parents are also required to attend the New Parent Orientation during New Student Orientation

Please note: MCHS is NOT a charter school, private school, or credit recovery program, and we do not graduate students early.